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If new patient numbers are down, you should hear what your team is saying.

Prior to a Mystery Shopper, this doctor rated his team a 9 out of 10 for answering calls. What he heard was shocking
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What's a Mystery Shopper?

Mystery shoppers also referred to as evaluators or secret shoppers, call on organizations posing as regular customers and document their experiences to help businesses measure the quality of sales calls. In this case, a Microsite representative will call your office, acting as a potential patient, and mirror common dental implant patient behaviors and asking typical questions. We will then report back to the doctor about experiences.

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How it works: A mystery shopper will call your office asking about your dental implant services. We’ll analyze and report to you what it’s really like to interact with your team and how they might be costing you implant patients.

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Who is Microsite Health?

Best Practices
in Practice

After closing approximately 1-2 arches/month, we’re now closing 9+ arches monthly due to Microsite’s sales and marketing solution.
Dr. Adam Kimowitz
Working with Microsite for 6+ years, Dr. “E” consistently places 20-arches per month and enjoys a 15X return on his marketing spend.
Dr. Sean Ebrahimian
As an oral surgeon, I used to rely exclusively on referrals, now I’m routinely closing $200K of treatments monthly from non-referral patients, thanks to Microsite Health.
Dr. Paul Anderson


For less than the cost of a single FTE, clients have access to a team of the industry’s best, most accomplished talent who have worked in dental offices alongside doctors and do, in fact, “speak Dental.” This team creates and executes your sales and marketing strategy and is available for regular strategy and assessment meetings.

Bill Hanekamp
Founder and CEO
Lauren Powers
Chief Operating Officer
Jake Planck
Head of Sales
Kim Middleton
Head of Client Success
Meet The Team
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