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When you hire Microsite Health, you team up with some of the best, most accomplished minds in the industry, specially chosen from top companies and schools. Our senior leaders are subject-matter experts and have worked side-by-side with medical professionals  – meaning, they can talk shop.
Microsite Health Team

Diversity and Inclusion

We have a deep and longstanding commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our company and our respective communities.

From day one, we set out to be a different kind of company—not only in the way we operate but also in our unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We continuously strive to build a company that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people from all backgrounds while welcoming, respecting, and supporting every individual for who they are.  

Meet Our Team

Bill Hanekamp

Bill Hanekamp

Chief Executive Officer
Bill is the old one on the team and remembers the world before the internet. He’s responsible for overall IT and marketing strategies and finding opportunities to improve virtual health care services and the health of your practice.
Lauren Powers

Lauren Powers

Senior Partner
President of Dental Division
Lauren is the newest member of the team and given her devotion to weightlifting, she's also the strongest. Lauren’s experience is rooted in the dental world. (Pun intended) She runs our dental division and is responsible for overseeing the dental team’s delivery of telehealth virtual consults, patient acquisition, and success training including our proprietary dental implant CRM and dental implant hotline.
Bill Pike

Bill Pike

Senior Partner
President of Medical Division
Despite going to Vanderbilt Law School and actually practicing law for a time, no one holds that against him. As former General Counsel to the largest health care system in Georgia, a healthcare entrepreneur and business development expert who has worked directly for and with leading managed care, value based care and telemedicine companies, Bill is perfectly suited to lead our Medical Division.

Jake Planck

Associate Partner
Director of Sales
We call Jake “La Maquina” – not because he can speak Spanish, he can’t – but because when it comes to convincing would-be clients that Microsite Health is the place for them, he closes them like a machine. If you’re not sure we are for you, a word of advice, don’t talk to Jake, he will convince you otherwise.
Kim Middleton

Kim Middleton

Associate Partner
Head of Client Education
Kim Middleton is the industry’s recognized leader in closing big cases who spent a long career at ClearChoice where she was the #1 producer for selling full-arch implants. Kim is considered by folks in the industry to be, quite simply, the best of the best.

Matthew Petchel

Business & Practice Development
Matthew has a long history of working in corporate America and creative agencies. His mix of business sense and creativity are uncommon - like his love for European soccer here in the US. With 30 years as a marketing professional (20 of it in dental), he’s been around the bite block a few times. As an extroverted introvert, his favorite t-shirt is ‘I like coffee and maybe 3 people’.
Lavonnie Moore

Lavonnie Moore

Client Services
Lavonnie is one of the newest members of our team, and is considered to be a jack of all trades. She comes to us from the Pharmaceutical Sales industry, and she also has a strong sales background in the CPG industry, and Property Management. Lavonnie is responsible for managing clients in our Dental Division, and she also assists with training and onboarding our lead management center associates.

Armani Simmons

Lead Center & Marketing Associate
Armani is a technology advocate that has experience working in sales and marketing for several start-up software companies in a variety of industries. He enjoys traveling the world and experiencing different cultures by learning about their history when visiting and eating all of their food, of course. He also enjoys the outdoors - running or hiking new terrains.
Benny McLennan

Emer Deegan

Emer is a huge star on the team, but don't just take our word for it. She's officially ranked in the top 3% of Google Adwords Partners globally. This ranking is based on knowledge, service, and most importantly, results.
Emer Degan

Lester Galanis

Lester is officially the hardest working member of the team who is a non-stop testing machine. Lester manages all the Facebook advertising and will be the first one to tell us when it's time to jump into the Instagram and SnapChat ad waters.

Beth Bogan

Lead Center Associate
When it comes to booking consultations, our practices say that Beth has the “magic touch.” It’s probably because she is arguably the biggest Disney fan in the world (and we have pictures of her in Minnie Mouse ears to prove it!) In addition to bringing the Disney magic, Beth also has the Disney affinity for fantastic customer service.

Tiffany Keene

Lead Center Associate
Tiffany is another ClearChoice transplant where she did everything from assist surgeries to crying happy tears with patients (just like in those ClearChoice ads). Tiffany has a passion for gardening, which is completely appropriate for someone working in our Lead Center where she stays busy reaping the seeds sown by our lead generation system.

Laura Greer

Lead Center Associate
Laura was born to sell. In fact, at the ripe old age of 16 she was the leading McDollar bucks salesperson in her entire McDonald’s region! (True story, we couldn’t make that up.) Her sales experience also includes being the top salesperson at First Merit Bank and a top multi-million dollar producer as a realtor. Today, when she’s not walking her dog or riding her Harley, she’s busy closing dental sales for our clients.

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