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Lead Generation

Identifying high-value prospects based on their digital behavior.

We use digital tools and proprietary techniques to locate anonymous “shoppers” in your market – i.e., new-patient prospects looking for an immediate solution – and attract them to your website to convert them into known lead opportunities.
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Lead Generation Funnel
Targeting Shoppers

High-Value Target

The optimized strategy targets “Shoppers.”

We broadly divide the online audience into two groups: self-educating and shoppers. Self-educators are still learning about the category and determining if it offers viable solutions. Shoppers are literally looking for a provider. We identify shoppers based on their digital profile and behavior to convert these individuals into known new-patient opportunities. An example of digital behavior is an individual who uses the term "near me". This person is ready to buy and a high-value prospect.

The Best Tools To Target Shoppers

Google AdWords

Google AdWords (PPC)

AdWords offer the single most efficient way to target shoppers because they are self-identifying through their search intent. When searchers use terms such as “best” or “near me,” they are clearly exploring their buying options. This group is our primary target audience.

As a Google Premier Partner (ranked in the top 3% of Google AdWords Partners globally), our AdWords team handles everything needed to maximize your AdWords spending to hit the target audience with an optimal cost per conversion. The tasks include planning, ad creation, monitoring, and remarketing.
Facebook Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Through social media, we’re able to pinpoint your target audience by their demographics and cross-matching specific logical attributes that identify potential new-patient opportunities. Unlike AdWords searchers, however, the social media target hasn’t demonstrated they are shoppers yet. We use social media advertising to initiate a relationship to nurture until they are ready to take the next step. We’ve found consistently that leads directly from Facebook campaigns are the least qualified. Instead, we monitor their digital activity to determine their interest level and re-market to those who exhibit shopping tendencies.

Depending on the target audience, we advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and YouTube.

Search Engine Optimization

Consistent with our paid media strategy, we’ve found that specific search terms and behavior identify shoppers looking for an immediate solution and wishing to buy now or soon. However, search results have evolved significantly since the days of merely targeting keywords. Google’s answer boxes and local maps, and the fact that nearly 30% of web-browsing sessions are voice-first interactions have upended the traditional concept of SEO work.

The most important question is no longer “Is my website ranking?” It’s “Is my website ranking for searches that locate shoppers?” Our SEO approach focuses on and measures results that drive new-patient opportunities.

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