Customer Relationship Management Software

Software to track, manage, and optimize the entire new patient journey.

The most advanced CRM custom-built for the dental industry.


Introducing the first customer relationship management (CRM) software built from the ground up, exclusively for the dental industry. For the first time, doctors have all your sales and marketing data in one place, accessible 24/7, with easy-to-use dashboards and advanced reporting.

Tracks Everything

Through our proprietary next-generation tracking mechanisms, we're able to determine the source of every visitor and create custom profiles for each prospect. We can then view that person's activity throughout the entire relationship to determine, among other data points, the ROI for your marketing budget and the effectiveness of your sales process.

Email and Text Lead Nurturing

With advanced lead nurturing software built-in, you can automate email and text messaging to respond instantly to new leads and use a comprehensive email marketing campaign to nurture prospects until they’re ready to take action.

Real-Time Reporting

The software provides the most in-depth analytical view of your sales and marketing processes as a result of our next-generation tracking mechanisms and market intelligence. As a result, you can stop guessing about what’s working and let data drive your business decisions.

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Designed to be your all-inclusive, sales-and-marketing solution. You pay a set monthly fee based on your size and objectives. No commission. And 100% transparent billing.

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