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AI-Driven, Sales + 
Marketing Automation

CRTX (pronounced “cortex”) harnesses the prowess of machine learning to automate and customize every step of the new-patient journey. The groundbreaking software handles everything from capturing and nurturing leads to securing commitment with case acceptance. There’s nothing else like it for dental marketing.
Hi there! 👋 Ask me anything about Dental Implants at Regency Square Dental.
Does Dr. Gonzalez offer sedation?
Yes, Dr. Gonzalez does offer sedation dentistry. Sedation options are available for patients who have fear or anxiety during dental treatment. These options include local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, sedation anesthesia, and general anesthesia.
How long is the recovery period after dental implant surgery?

AI Chatbot

More intelligent conversations produce more qualified leads.
With CRTX, you can immediately engage patients with a customized AI chatbot tailored only to your practice and industry – so no extemporaneous answers.

All leads are fed into the CRTX CRM for automated follow-up and nurturing.  

This isn't just a bot; it's a conversationalist that speaks multiple languages and can handle nearly every question like a member of your staff. And it learns and improves dynamically and with your input.

AI-Driven Text and Emails

Respond immediately to leads.
Follow up on leads instantly – before they can contact anyone else – with automated, personalized texts and emails (and soon phone) triggered by patient actions and interests.   

It's not just a pre-determined sequence of messages. It's immediate attention and nurturing customized to every individual lead.

CRM for Dental Offices

Intuitive Software that Powers Growth
Enjoy the simplicity and comprehensiveness of our proprietary CRM software that can sync with your patient management software (PMS). 

It's your one-stop solution to capture all marketing data – like Google and Facebook ads – and manage all leads throughout the new-patient cycle, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Lead Scoring + Prediction

Predicts the hottest leads to prioritize
AI-driven lead scoring, powered by over 100+ data signals, predicts the hottest leads to prioritize. It's like having a crystal ball that identifies the leads most likely to convert, predicting success with unparalleled accuracy.
CRTX also reviews the patient's digital behavior and preferences to deliver a personalized script to your staff to aid treatment presentation.

Machine Learning

CRTX gives you superintelligence.
Think of CRTX as your personal Digital Sales Assistant powered by machine learning algorithms. It's your vigilant monitor, constantly analyzing performance data, collecting feedback, and leveraging insights to enhance advertising, messaging, scheduling, and treatment close rates. And best of all, you have full transparency into all your results, data, KPIs, spending, etc. – 24/7.

Sales & Marketing Services

In addition to the CRTX AI engine, our suite of services can supercharge your practice's growth by delivering training from industry experts and results better than you can achieve elsewhere – internally or with another provider.

Best Practices

After closing approximately 1-2 arches/month, we’re now closing 9+ arches monthly due to Microsite’s sales and marketing solution.
Dr. Adam Kimowitz
Working with Microsite for 6+ years, Dr. “E” consistently places 20-arches per month and enjoys a 15X return on his marketing spend.
Dr. Sean Ebrahimian
As an oral surgeon, I used to rely exclusively on referrals, now I’m routinely closing $200K of treatments monthly from non-referral patients, thanks to Microsite Health.
Dr. Paul Anderson
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