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“The Consult" Talk Show

The shoot will feature a 45-minute talk show-style format, filmed and edited at our St. Petersburg, Florida studio. Our experienced video production team will conduct an in-depth, 45-minute interview with you on camera, along with filming additional video segments that capture the essence of your practice.

The Consult. Full segment.

What you can expect:

Additional video segments to use across social media.
Another example of a full segment

What you need to know:


Everything begins with a pre-production video conference call to cover all the details. You should leave this pre-production meeting feeling thoroughly informed and knowing what to expect. We will cover the following:

  • Finalize video concepts, themes, and goals with client

  • Discuss possible questions and discussion points for the interview with the host/interviewer, Lauren Powers

  • Confirm the location (Microsite's video production studio) set design, seating, etc.

  • Sketch out the 4 short segments and topics to cover

  • Arrange lodging, transportation, and meals for interview participants

  • Discuss general timeline and schedule for shoot day



The following equipment will be available on the shoot day:

  • HD Cameras (2-3 cameras for different angles)

  • Professional Lighting (key, fill, hair, practical, etc.)

  • High end Microphones (lavalier, boom, handheld)

  • Support equipment (tripods, gimbals, rigs, teleprompters, etc.)

  • Memory cards, batteries, charging equipment, misc.


Tips for the doctor being interviewed:

  • For suggested attire, see below.
  • Practice and prepare ahead of time. Get comfortable with possible questions and your responses.
  • Be authentic and speak conversationally. Don't sound stiff or rehearsed.
  • Make eye contact with the host and smile. Engage with them and the audience.
  • Sit up straight, don't fidget, and use natural hand gestures for emphasis.
  • Keep responses succinct while still being thorough. About 2 to 3 sentences for each question.
  • Take a breath and pause if needed. It's okay to ask for a question to be repeated.
  • Share your passion for your work. Let your personality shine through!
  • Have some stories or examples ready to bring the conversation to life.
  • Relax and be yourself! The more you do it, the more comfortable you'll feel.

Day of Shoot

You can expect the following the day of the shoot:

  • The crew will arrive 2 hours early to set up all equipment, lighting, and do practice round

  • Test all cameras, lighting, audio to ensure working properly

  • The doctor should arrive 1 hour before shooting begins to have the make-up artist to apply touch-up as needed before filming

  • The host/interviewer and doctor(s) practice a few discussion points off-camera

  • Shoot b-roll footage, promos, intros, or any other segments

  • Film the 45-minute main interview (ensure good coverage, options, continuity)

  • Film any additional segments or re-takes needed

  • Backup all footage throughout the day and recharge batteries

  • Break down all equipment at end of shoot day

Post Production

Post-production refers to all the steps involved in editing and finalizing your video content after the filming has completed. This includes:

  • Review and organize all footage, photos, audio, graphics, etc.

  • Build the storylines and themes for 45-minute interview and 4 segments

  • Refine and edit content, drop in b-roll, music, animations, effects, transitions

  • Share initial drafts for client feedback and input

  • Make any requested revisions and re-edits to the content

  • Add final touches like color correction, audio balancing, polish, etc.

  • Gain final approval from client on all video components

  • Deliver and distribute final video files and content!


For one all-inclusive affordable investment, you'll receive a professionally filmed 45-minute program and four additional video segments tailored to your unique needs and brand. Our team handles all the work – from pre-production planning to filming with a multiple-camera crew to editing and post-production. All you need to do is show up ready to shine on camera!

Video is the most powerful way to tell your story. Let us craft custom content that builds meaningful connections and inspires people to choose your practice. Call or book online today to get started. Your new patients are waiting!

Tips for wardrobe:

For a Female Dentist:

  • Solid colored blouse, dress or jacket in a bright or bold color like red, purple or teal
  • Simple jewelry like stud earrings and a necklace, minimal makeup and nails done
  • Avoid crazy prints, all white or all black, distracting details or accessories

For a Male Dentist:

  • Slacks or khakis, button-down shirt, optional tie in a solid or simple pattern
  • Optional blazer in a dark color like navy or charcoal grey, minimal cologne
  • Get a haircut 2-3 days before filming for a neat, styled look
  • Shine your shoes, iron your clothes and practice good posture

General Tips:

  • Choose wardrobe in solid, flattering colors that you enjoy wearing
  • Get pressed and styled a few days in advance to avoid a rushed appearance
  • Keep things minimal and avoid loud accessories, prints or logos
  • Be aware of how patterns and textures will appear on camera
  • Feel comfortable yet professional, like you would for a big meeting or presentation
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