Transferring your dental practice's website from your current server to WPEngine for enhanced performance and reliability.

About WPEngine

How it works:

Access To Your Name Servers
As part of moving your website to a new hosting service like WPEngine, an important step involves accessing and updating your "name servers." Be sure you can access your name servers first. If you're unfamiliar with this concept, scroll to the bottom of the page for more details.
Access To Your WordPress Website
Next, ensure you have a WordPress website and full administrative access to it. We can only migrate sites that have been built with WordPress.
WPEngine Account Setup
Next, set up your account with WPEngine. You can start by visiting WPEngine Account Setup. The current rate for the Startup Hosting plan is $30/month. You do NOT need to include additional services listed on the signup page. Click here to sign up at WPEngine
Complete Our Migration Form
Once your WPEngine account is set up, click the Get Started button below to complete a form that initiates the migration process.
Setup Fee
A $500 setup fee will be charged for the migration service. This fee covers the assistance in transferring your website files to WPEngine.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please note that our service includes facilitating the migration of your website to WPEngine. We do not provide comprehensive IT and website services for migration.
  • We do not guarantee the ongoing functionality and software updates of your website post-migration. The software needs to be updated and compliant with the updated Internet standards. WordPress plugins, for example, may have annual licensing fees that need to be paid, and software versions need updating.
  • You may opt for our additional IT and design support. The rate is $110/hour for these services.


Understanding Name Servers in Website Migration

As part of moving your website to a new hosting service like WPEngine, an important step involves accessing and updating your "name servers." Let's break down what this means in non-technical terms:

What are Name Servers?

  • Name servers are like address books for the Internet: They tell the Internet where to find your website. Just like how your home address directs people to your house, name servers guide internet traffic to your website's location on the web.
  • When you change hosting services, it’s like moving your website's “home:” After moving, you need to update your address book (name servers) so that when people type in your website address, they are directed to the new location (new hosting service).

Why Access to Name Servers is Important:

  • To ensure a smooth move: Just like notifying the post office of your new home address, updating your name servers ensures that your visitors reach your website at its new location without any issues.
  • Control over your website's direction: Having access to update your name servers means you have the control to point your website’s traffic to the new hosting service.

How to Access Your Name Servers:

  1. Login to your domain registrar: This is where you originally registered your website’s domain name (like GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc.).
  2. Find DNS Settings: Look for options labeled as 'DNS Settings,' 'Name Server Management,' or something similar.
  3. Be prepared to update: Once your new hosting on WPEngine is ready, you’ll replace the existing name server details with the new ones provided by WPEngine.


  • We're here to assist: If you find this process challenging, remember that we offer additional IT support to help guide you through these steps.
  • No immediate changes: Your website will continue to function normally while you prepare for this update. The changes take effect once the new name server details are entered.

By understanding and accessing your name servers, you play a crucial part in ensuring a smooth transition of your website to its new hosting environment.

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