TV Buying & Planning

Centralizing all your TV media strategies to give you transparency and accountability.

Overview of Services

Centralized Strategies

We centralize all your TV media strategies and give you transparency and accountability.

TV Services

We offer TV Planning & Buying Services for:
English campaign on local news
Spanish campaign on Telemundo

Monitor Ad Performance

We closely monitor your advertising performance by pacing actual results against your goals.

Audit Advertising Bills

We audit your advertising bills.

Why Use Independent Agency


We provide an unbiased look at all opportunities in your market to achieve the best possible results for your budget


Secure ideal ad placements and hold stations accountable


Receive “value added” impressions, included with no extra cost, to make a campaign more successful

Local Network TV

Despite what you may have heard, local network TV (also called broadcast TV) is not dead. The major networks maintain a strong hold on the public and serve as a primary medium for reaching a vast audience consistently with high frequency. Most TV ad budgets start with your local network affiliates.

Streaming Platforms

Targeted TV advertising through streaming platforms
Targeted TV advertising reaches the right market segment based on location, audience data, search history, offline purchase behavior, and more. We work with all the major streaming platforms and television networks to ensure your ads are seen in as many of the targeted homes as possible. From CNN and Fox News to ESPN and Bravo, we’ll pick the right programs at the best time of day. Targeted TV advertising is how you reach the audience not watching network TV.

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Designed to be your all-inclusive, sales-and-marketing solution. You pay a set monthly fee based on your size and objectives. No commission. And 100% transparent billing.

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