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Introducing the most comprehensive, AI-driven sales and marketing solution that will blow your mind while taking your new patient and sale totals to new heights – and make our doctors millionaires. Microsite Health. The Millionaire Makers.


Our top 100 clients averaged 10.6X return on their marketing investments in 2022.

Millionaires Row

Working together to optimize their sales, marketing, and operations, Microsite Health has helped these doctors achieve Millionaire Status.

Dr. Christian Yaste Microsite Health Client
Dr. Christain Yaste
Ballantyne Center for Dentistry
Charlotte, NC
Denville Dentist
Denville, NJ
Implants 4 Life
Sherman Oaks, CA

Best Practices in Practice

After closing approximately 1-2 arches/month, we’re now closing 9+ arches monthly due to Microsite’s sales and marketing solution.
Dr. Adam Kimowitz
Working with Microsite for 6+ years, Dr. “E” consistently places 20-arches per month and enjoys a 15X return on his marketing spend.
Dr. Sean Ebrahimian
As an oral surgeon, I used to rely exclusively on referrals, now I’m routinely closing $200K of treatments monthly from non-referral patients, thanks to Microsite Health.
Dr. Paul Anderson

A Smarter Approach

Microsite Health is a data-driven organization using proprietary advanced tracking mechanisms, campaign analytics, market intelligence, and algorithms to optimize every phase of the sales-and-marketing process. 

As a result, your marketing is more efficient, your conversion rates are higher, and you and your team learn how to sell more effectively.

A Complete Sales & Marketing Solution

What we do

We offer a total sales-and-marketing solution, including Microsite’s own revolutionary CRTX software with Advanced AI Prediction Technology. Designed with dental practices in mind, CRTX improves the marketing and selling efficiency of your dental practice to bring in more new dental patients, while lowering your costs. 

Our proprietary services allow practice owners to offload their sales-and-marketing activities to subject matter experts. We handle all the marketing. We train their in-office staff on presenting and closing new-patient treatments. And we track and measure it all, presenting the data in easy-to-understand dashboards so practice owners can view their results in real-time.

Who We Are

By choosing Microsite Health, you align with a team comprised of highly skilled and accomplished professionals carefully selected from leading educational institutions and companies within the industry. This dedicated team implements your entire sales and marketing strategy, leveraging an integrated and exclusive set of marketing tools to propel your practice towards excellence.

Working with Microsite

Day 01: Onboarding
Create Client Profile
After signing your contract, you'll receive an email inviting you to schedule a "Kickoff Call" and a link to your client profile where you can provide valuable information about your practice, business objectives, and team.
Kickoff Call
During this video conference call, your team and ours will confirm expectations, strategies, requirements, and review the entire sales-and-marketing process going forward. 
DAYs 02-14: Production
Acquire Assets
Assets are what we call photos, videos, and other elements we can use on your website and in online advertising.
Build Website
We build a Microsite where every page is optimized to engage and convert visitors into prospects. 
Plan Digital Advertising 
We use data insights, market intelligence, and algorithms to identify the right audience segments in your area and determine the most appropriate ad messages, timing, and media.
DAYs 07-21: Training
Sales Training
Your team receives one-on-one live coaching from top industry trainers, all from the comfort of your office, so your team is not required to travel.
CRM Software Training
Your team is introduced and given access to the CRM software and learns how to use it to track leads, case presentations, and results, which provides a complete picture of the sales-and-marketing process.
Days 21-28: Go Live
Start Advertising
Programmatic Media Buying begins by buying digital ad inventory through an auction based on everything available across multiple devices in places the audience cares about. Advertisements are personalized automatically from provided assets based on each consumer's unique interests and behaviors.
Sales Center Schedule Appointments
All captured leads are handled by the largest and best-trained sales team in the industry, who evaluate, sell, and schedule qualified prospects.
Nurture Leads
Leads receive tailored messaging via text and emails that nurture them through the sales funnel until they’re ready to act.
Days 30-90: Results
Present Treatment and Close Cases
Patients will come to your office for consultations, at which time your and your team will conduct exams, present treatment plans, review financial options, and close cases.
Track via Dashboard
Easy-to-understand dashboards provide doctors and their teams with real-time marketing data and new-patient status. The software syncs automatically with the most popular practice management software to provide a complete view of your new-patient success.


For less than the cost of a single FTE, clients have access to a team of the industry’s best, most accomplished talent who have worked in dental offices alongside doctors and do, in fact, “speak Dental.” This team creates and executes your sales and marketing strategy and is available for regular strategy and assessment meetings.

Bill Hanekamp
Founder and CEO
Lauren Powers
Chief Operating Officer
Jake Planck
Head of Sales
Kim Middleton
Head of Client Success
Meet The Team

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