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Office Shoot

A professional production team will come to your office to create unique, engaging, and trusted content for the practice while producing programming that can be repurposed across multiple channels.

Office Walkthrough. Show off your space!

What you can expect:

Patient experience. Highlight life-changing results.
Treatment overview. Reinforcing your expertise and warmth.

Different Office Examples

Dr. Reinol Gonzalez, “We're changing lives.”
Patient experience. Highlight life-changing results.

TV Commercial created from a video shoot.

What you need to know:


Everything begins with a pre-production video conference call to cover all the details. You should leave this pre-production meeting feeling thoroughly informed and knowing what to expect. We will cover the following:

  • Finalize video concepts: Office Introducing (including b-roll shots), Meet the Doctor, Patient Testimonials (2-3)
  • Review areas, offices, and locations to shoot and determine the best spots for interviews and b-roll footage
  • Ensure proper permits and permissions for shooting if necessary (practice's responsibility)
  • Create a shooting schedule for the all-day filming
  • Confirm required equipment


We will bring or rent from local sources the following:

  • HD Camera (capturing video and still photos)
  • Lighting (if appropriate, exterior and interior for different temperatures)
  • Microphones (lavalier and boom)
  • Support equipment (tripods, gimbals, rigs, etc.)
  • Drone and operator
  • Memory cards, batteries, charging equipment, misc


Arrange for and prep all on-camera talent, including the doctor, any participating staff members, and patients:

  • Confirm attendance and suggested attire
  • Suggest applying makeup prior to attending (i.e., at home). We will not have makeup on set.
  • Obtain signed releases from anyone appearing on camera (agency will email ahead of time for practice to print and secure signatures)
  • Obtain location releases if filming in a public area
  • Review the outline of scripts. However, the interviews should be natural conversation and not read from a teleprompter

Day of Shoot

You can expect the following the day of the shoot:

  • Camera crew will arrive early to set up equipment (please plan on letting them in prior to the workday)

  • Test all cameras, lighting, audio, drone, etc. to ensure working properly

  • Depending on availability, interview doctor on camera

  • Shoot b-roll of location, staff, equipment, facilities. Ensure good coverage, options, and continuity.

  • Interview patients on camera
  • Backup media

Post Production

Post-production refers to all the steps involved in editing and finalizing your video content after the filming has completed. This includes:

  • Review and organize all footage, photos, and audio

  • Build the storylines and themes in the editing software

  • Drop in music, graphics, animations, effects, and transitions

  • Refine and finalize all cuts of videos

  • Add color correction and other finishing touches

  • Share final drafts for client feedback and approval

  • Make any requested revisions and finalize the videos

  • Deliver and publish final video content!


All the following videos can be shown on TV, social media, your website, and in your practice:
  • One 3-to-5-minute video introducing the doctor and practice
  • 4 short-segment videos featuring the doctor
  • 2-3 patient testimonials, depending on what was shot and usable
  • One 30-second TV commercial
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