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Your website is your most important selling and lead-conversion tool for most practices. Its primary purpose is to convert strangers into known new-patient opportunities. Think of it as your 24-hour digital salesperson, conveying your story with the right words, images, and flow. 
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Website Conversion Platform

A Fresh Look at Your Website

Your website is your greatest sales tool.

For many organizations, understanding this premise changes how they evaluate their current website. An effective website or Microsite can become, literally, a company's digital sales rep. It's available 24/7 to answer questions, deliver in-depth sales information, demonstrate subject matter expertise, promote word-of-mouth, establish relationships with potential patients, and achieve a high ranking in Google search results.

Your Website as Your Digital Salesperson

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How does it work?

In an effective lead-generation program, a visitor arrives at your homepage or landing page with a problem to solve or need to fulfill, e.g., “I need a dentist who specializes in Dental Implants.”

The visitor spends her initial 3-5 seconds assessing the content to determine if the practice can meet her needs before investing more time. Therefore, the banner at the top of the page (called the “hero”) should instantly answer, “Yes, we can meet your needs. Explore further.” It does this by conveying the right brand image with your unique selling proposition that delivers confidence and differentiates you from the competition.

The page’s remaining content should offer reasons to believe through facts, patient stories, and social proof while continuously suggesting simple next steps to take action.

The overall strategy of your homepage or landing page isn’t complicated. You’re just translating your best selling approach to a digital medium.

How do you know what to communicate?

The best approach for creating this communication flow is to think about how you make your sales pitch in person. What language do you use, and in what order do you say it? The homepage’s flow should follow a similar approach.

Is this why homepages are so long?

Yes. If the visitor determines initially you can solve her problem, she’ll want to learn more. Most people, conditioned by mobile apps and Facebook/Instagram/Twitter feeds, will scroll down to learn more. A significantly fewer will click and wait for a new page to load. It’s easy and less time consuming to scroll.

Your journey to the top of your market starts here.

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