The Power of Communication Tools: Using 'Framing' to Set the Stage For a Killer Consultation

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For practice owners who are frustrated with mishandled consultations, unpredictable new patient numbers and quality appointments.
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In this FREE Webinar you’ll discover:

How to immediately build trust (lower anxiety)
Setting clear expectations on your practice and what you provide
Learn how to build value in your questions and statements
Framing discussions for the best possible outcome
Create a powerful financial discussion that leads to an appointment

For practice owners who want 
to build value in
EVERY patient appointment.


Meet Kim Middleton

Microsite clients work one-on-one with Kim Middleton, the industry’s recognized leader in closing big cases, who spent a long career at ClearChoice, where she was the #1 producer for selling full-arch implants. During her final years at the DSO, her close rate routinely exceeded $700,000 per month (month!) for cases $25K and larger. In the industry, Kim is considered by folks to be, quite simply, the best of the best.

Your team will gain unique and invaluable insights into assessing needs, presenting value, understanding the patient's needs and driving wants and vision. They’ll learn, among other principles, that there’s no such thing as a “bad lead” as long as the patient has dental needs.

Our Results Speak for Themselves:


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