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Remote Patient Monitoring

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Claris Continuum RPM Solution

Introducing A Remote Patient Monitoring Solution Built for Value Based Care.

We know RPM.  We know Value Based Care.  Introducing the first Value Based Pricing Model for RPM. Our business model is designed around your business model. With multiple solutions and multiple pricing models, we have a model for you -- including the industry's first NO FEE RPM where you ONLY pay if our RPM drives savings to your patients.

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What is the key to 

Remote Patient Monitoring in Value Based Care?

The key to RPM in VBC is Appropriate Utilization.  If you stratify your ACO's patients appropriately, RPM  will generate both FFS Revenue for your physicians and Shared Savings for your ACO.  However, if your practices use RPM inappropriately, it can destroy your Shared Savings.  

Medicare only requires 1 chronic condition to bill RPM, that means about 50% of your ACO’s patients are eligible for RPM. With inappropriate utilization, RPM can Shatter Shared Savings:  10,000 Attributed Lives X 50% of Patients X $1,800/patient/year = $9M in RPM Costs.

Can your ACO afford to take a $9M hit to your medical spend without a concomitant and appropriate increase in shared saving resulting from that spend?  The better plan is to only spend on RPM for those patients who need it and who will drive additional shared savings through reductions in hospital admissions and ED Visits.

the Benefits of RPM for ACO's, practices & their Patients

Increase Practice 
FFS Revenue
Increase the ACO's Shared Savings
Improve Patient Health and Compliance
Reduce Overall   Patient Costs 
Reduce Patient Readmissions
Reduce Practice


How Does the Claris Continuum RPM Solution Work?

RPM Devices

Remote patient monitoring devices (e.g., temperature, blood pressure, pulse ox, weight, glucose)  connect to Claris Software via internal sim card or via bluetooth to measure and connect your patients vitals.

Claris Software

Designed to engaged chronic care seniors, the software and the optional pre-configured tablet displays intuitive coaching, encouragement, and feedback to patients at home – improving compliance.

Monitor & Intervene

Secure online dashboard alerts caregivers to at-risk patients allowing staff to intervene prior to costly readmissions. Monitoring can be outsourced to a Claris partner for a full turnkey experience.

Watch Video Demo To See For Yourself

No Upfront Costs
No Monthly Costs for Software
No Monthly Costs for Hardware
 No Monthly Costs for Monitoring
Full Turnkey RPM Services
Only Pay If Savings are Generated

Talk with an RPM Expert Today

Our RPM Experts Average 25 Years in Healthcare.

Jake Levy

Bill Pike

Not sure if RPM is right for you? In 30 mins, get the answer you need for launching RPM in your ACO from Bill Pike and Jake Levy. Bill is a health care reimbursement lawyer and Value Based Care expert. Bill consults with multiple ACO’s and Physician Practices showing them how to implement RPM in the Value Based environment. Jake is a virtual care expert who has spent most of his career helping patients get care delivered to their home. They can help you figure out which RPM solution is best for you.  
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Features of the Claris Continuum RPM Program

For Practices, Patients and Their Families

Vital Signs

Remotely monitor patient’s vital data such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse ox, weight, glucose

Video Calling

Physicians, Patients and Family can speak face-to-face using our secure, integrated video chat.

Email and Text

Send emails and text messages directly to patients

Cell-Connected Tablet

Complete kit includes cellular-connected tablet and bluetooth-enabled devices for simple setup

Medication Reminders

Remind patients when to take their medications or perform other health care related treatments

Connect with Family

Allow family members to join the patient-care team and communicate with their loved ones

Success Stories

Satjit Bushri, MD, Upper East Side Cardiology, Manhattan, NY

Dr. Dan Logan relays his experience with Claris RPM

In summary, we chose to work with Claris for remote patient monitoring. The on boarding process was easy, as Jake and Bill worked around our office schedule for our initial education. We chose to target patients to have Medicare and a supplement with specific comorbidities such as heart failure, obstructive lung disease, or uncontrolled hypertension with advanced age. I didn’t know what to expect from the patients. 100% of them actually liked the idea, and were willing to try it. 60 days later or so, two of the 10 patients currently enrolled have had dosage reductions on their blood pressure medication, and two patients have had supplemental oxygen ordered based on vital sign review.

Two of the patients routinely send messages on the platform. An unintended positive consequence of the software allows us to do telemedicine using the tablets.
The software is easy to use, and we have chosen to do the majority of the physical documentation on the software platform...

Claris has done a good job starting the process, and I recommend practices who are considering remote patient monitoring to work with them.

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Spend 10-30 minutes with a RPM specialist and 25-year industry veteran to experience the Claris Continuum solution for yourself and walk through an assessment to see how this might be the perfect fit. 

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After you take the demo, you'll receive your Admin Login so you can sign in to experience the solution for yourself.

1. Login

Login to your secure online administration Claris Continuum dashboard.

2. Customize

Select from our standardized chronic care templates

3. Enroll

Enroll patients and assign devices in less than one minute.

4. Ship

We ship configured tablets and sensors, plus manage the technology.

5. Support

We help you onboard patients in their homes via the Claris medically-staffed call center.

6. Maintain

We can provide maintenance on the devices and collect the used tablets and sensors at the end of a patient episode.


Claris Healthcare

Claris Healthcare is the developer behind the Claris software Platform, used by health care providers to manage Acute Care, Chronic Care, and Social Care Patients at home. 

Claris Healthcare, 1099 West 8th Ave, Vancouver, Canada
Visit Claris Healthcare Website
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