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Learn How To Turn All Leads Into New Patients!

Learn how to use the “The Power of Framing” to position yourself –or your treatment coordinator – to close big-ticket cases at every opportunity. It’s time to stop using the “bad lead” rationale for an excuse.
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Learn from the #1 Closer at the #1 Dental Implant DSO and Top Sales Coach in the Dental Industry.

On Wednesday, April 21, in a FREE webinar, 7-figure closing coach Kim Middleton and legendary marketing guru Lauren Powers will teach you and your team how to close big cases. 
Kim Middleton is the industry’s recognized leader in closing big cases and spent a long career at ClearChoice, where she was the #1 producer for selling full-arch implants. During her final years at the DSO, her close rate routinely exceeded $700,000 per month (month!) for cases $25K and larger. In the industry, Kim is considered by folks to be, quite simply, the best of the best.

Lauren Powers has become a legendary Sales Coach in the industry, routinely coaching practices to increase Revenue 2X in 6 months! (Hey, it’s not bragging if you can do it.)
Kim and Lauren combined have helped dental and medical practices earn millions in revenue.
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Kim Middleton
Lauren Powers

Register for Free Webinar on April 21
“The Power of Framing’

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