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In this 45-minute video, Dr. Adam Kimowitz, one of the top docs on the East Coast, explains how to close big dental-implant cases more consistently.

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Dr. Adam Kimowitz

Dr. Kimowitz had all the tools for success: amazingly talented, extremely well-liked by patients, and renowned nationally. But he was only doing 1-2 cases a month. Microsite Health changed that.


Dr. Kimowitz had impressive credentials. He was among only 458 dentists in the world to have accomplished status as a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry. He was a Fellow of the International College of Oral Implantologists. He was the top KOP for Hybridge® Implant Solutions. But he was only placing 1-2 full arches a month. He was ready for much bigger numbers. He hired Microsite Health to give him those results.


To become #1 in Chicago, Dr. Singh hired Microsite Health to manage critical components of his sales and marketing efforts. First, the agency built a new website that served as a more effective lead-conversion platform. The website no longer acted as an online brochure but focused on conversion. It also installed comprehensive, proprietary tracking software that combines all the data to provide a 360-degree of every campaign, profiles every new patient throughout the process, and delivers accurate ROI for each marketing effort by media.

Microsite Health then launched online marketing campaigns, using primarily AdWords and Facebook to target dental implant “shoppers” – i.e., people who were already educated on implants and were simply looking for the best solution. To build a broad-based awareness, Dr. Singh relied on local and spot TV. The most successful campaigns were 30-second commercials with an 80% reach and 5X frequency among the target audience.
To be the top, it takes the right combination of strategies, tools, experience, and expertise. It takes commitment. And it takes the right partner. At Microsite Health, we make our clients #1 in their markets.


Within 6 months, Dr. Singh had doubled the number of full arches he placed during a typical month, going from 10 to 20 while reducing his ad budget by 12%. Currently, Dr. Singh enjoys about a 10-15X return on his marketing investment with Microsite Health. And he doesn’t work Fridays.

Who is Microsite Health?

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