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These dentists have what it takes to be #1 in their markets.

To be the top, it takes the right combination of
strategies, tools, experience and expertise. It takes
commitment. And it takes the right partner. At
Microsite Health, we make our clients #1 in their

Top in Charlotte
for Dental Implants

Dr. Christian Yaste, ballantynedentistry.com

Before Microsite, Dr. Yaste was averaging lower single digits for full arches per month. Today, after Microsite, his practices is hitting 20+ during  the best months. The Return on Advertising Investment is 11.2X.

Top in Chicago
for Full-Arch Implants

Dr. Amarik Singh, pidentists.com

Before Microsite, Dr. Singh felt like he was spending a lot but underperforming. After just 3 months with Microsite, he's averaging 20+ arches/month: "I'm having my highest volume ever!" The Return on Advertising Investment is 6.2X.

Top in Nashville
for Full-Arch Implants

Dr. Steven Park, samedaysmilesnashville.com

Top Doctor in Nashville
Dr. Park had just taken over this small practice that was doing less than 5 arches per year. Today, after Microsite, his practices routinely places 20 arches per month. The Return on Advertising Investment is 15.6X.

Top in N. Los Angeles
for Full-Arch Implants

Dr. Sean Ebrahimian, getimplants4life.com

Before Microsite, Dr. E was averaging less than 5 arches/month. Today, with Microsite, he's hitting 20+ arches/month and looking to expand. The Return on Advertising Investment is 7.2X.

Top in Columbus, OH
for Implants and More

Dr. Jon Runion, runiondentalgroup.com

Dr. Runion Columbus, OH
Dr. Runion also felt like he was spending a lot but underperforming. After a few months with Microsite, he's tripled the number of arches per month and has grown other areas significantly. The Return on Advertising Investment is 5.8X.

Top in Leeds, AL
for Full-Arch Implants

Drs. Scott & Adam Koplon, koplondmd.com

Not every highly performing practice needs to be in a major city. Koplon is an hour outside Birmingham and went from a few implants/month to 15+. Business is booming. The Return on Advertising Investment is 12.6X.

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