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Success Coaching

Having trouble converting opportunities into patients?
We coach dental and medical staffs, like treatment coordinators, to be more effective at turning calls from your website into new patients in your office. Talk to a Success Coach to learn more.
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Success Coaching
Success Coach Lauren Powers

Lauren powers

5-Star Success Coach Can Teach Your Staff to Sell 

Lauren has spent the past 15 years helping dental and medical practices grow their businesses through more effective sales techniques and smarter approaches to social media messaging. She has spent time in these offices working one-on-one with doctors and staff to ensure what's taught is put into practice. Your team will love working with Lauren as they covert more callers into new patients!

Office Success Training Over 60-Day Cycle 

Our Success Coaching Program is spread out over three months in three phases so we can monitor success and allow enough time for office implementation.
Lauren Coaching Phase 1

Phase 1: Day One
4-hour session, in your office with your team

  • This first phase breaks down the sales process into important sequencing
  • Help your team understand the products, services, and pricing
  • Walk through the marketing efforts of the office
  • Learn how to speak the language of the patient
  • Learn how to have financial discussions for large cases
  • Role Play
  • Review tracking software
  • Navigating financial discussions part 1
  • Set team and individual goals when appropriate
Lauren Coaching Phase 2

Phase 2: at Day 30
2-hour virtual session with your Coach

  • 60-Day goals assessment and reevaluation
  • Role play with unique or challenging cases
  • Address issues around products, services, and pricing
  • Expand on consultative and empathy selling
  • Review Sales Tracking software use
  • Navigating financial discussions part 2
  • Review team and individual goals when appropriate
Lauren Coaching Phase 3

Phase 3: at Day 60
2-hour virtual session with your Coach

  • 90-Day goals assessment and re-evaluation
  • Listen to recorded phone calls
  • Address unique issues or situations around products, services, and pricing
  • Navigating financial discussions part 3

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