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A discovery call is not an opportunity for Kim to deliver a sales pitch, it’s YOUR opportunity to see if Kim is the right person to help your practice grow.
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An Industry Leader

Meet Kim Middleton

Meet Kim Middleton, the industry’s recognized leader in closing big cases. During a long career at ClearChoice, Kim was the #1 producer for selling full-arch implants. During her final years at the DSO, she routinely exceeded $700,000 in sales per month (month!) for cases $25K and larger. Kim is considered by folks in the dental industry to be the best of the best.

During your discovery call, you will have the unique opportunity to dive into the challenges and roadblocks that are limiting the overall success of your practice. Kim’s unique approach to sales coaching has gained praise and recognition from dentists around the world, delivering life changing results in both their professional and personal lives.
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What to expect in your One on One Discovery Call with Kim


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surrounding necessary next steps for unlimited growth
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Praise For Kim:

I have been a practicing dentist/periodontist for the past 28 years and must say by far Kimberly has been the best treatment plan coordinator coach that I have encountered in the field. She has so much knowledge in the field and she coaches it so excellently. Besides all that she is so caring and committed to her client's success. I can't say enough of how impressed I have been with her. I highly recommend her."

-Dr. Deloram Hanookai
Kim is an amazing coach! She has made such an impact in my whole team. They’re much more confident and empowered to close high ticket sales. Her unique approach is so effective for people of different experience levels. Highly recommend her!!"

-Dr. Xhoana Gjelaj
I recently transitioned from being part of the clinical team to the role of treatment coordinator. I trained with Kim for 6 one - hour training sessions and gained a lot more knowledge on how to efficiently give treatment plans to patients. I actually sold my first double arch case at my first consultation appointment. Training with Kim, I feel that I have more confidence with going over the treatment costs with patients." 

-Jennifer M., Treatment Coordinator
I’ve known and worked with Kim for more than 10 years. She’s a consummate professional and is at the top of her game! Her coaching is extremely valuable and one of a kind. You won’t get a canned pitch from Kim. What you will get is repeatable results and solid practical advice from someone who can do it as well as teach it!"

-Dr. Robert Wolf
Kim Middleton taught me and my team one of the most invaluable lessons we've ever learned. It has propelled exponential growth within my organization. To say that it was life changing is an understatement. Working with her has given my team super powers, and allowed us to scale up our ability to help many other individuals through helping them find out their dreams and then how to achieve them. She is one of the most influential people I have had the privilege of working with!"

-Dr. Shovon Kasem
Kim is extraordinary. She has been one of the most consistently successful salespeople in ClearChoice's history. Her close rates are always in the Top 5 in the company. Her sales style combines compassion, authenticity, connectedness with grit and tenacity. She is organized, skillful, and compassionate. She has a deep passion for learning, frequently reaching out for coaching or feedback. I have been impressed with Kim's ability to watch herself on a consult video and assess her behavioral choices with nuanced thoughtfulness and objectivity. She has the heart of a champion and a self-confident humility that comes from consistent achievement throughout her lifetime. She will never be the loudest or most talkative person in a meeting or a classroom, but when she does speak, it's gold; thoughtful, wise gold. These qualities have made her not just a great salesperson but a great sales coach and trainer, much sought after by other experienced salespeople. She is always eager to help others. She coaches with gentleness, dignity, and respect.

- Dr. Andy Kimball

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