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RPM can generate new revenue for your practice.

Here are the CPT Billing Codes Available for Remote Patient Monitoring:


  • CPT 99454 Equipment and Monitoring ($62/month)
    Reimbursement for providing the patient with an FDA approved medical device for a 30-day period. Billable every 30 days.
  • CPT 99457 - Interventions ($51/month)
    Reimbursement for clinical staff time that contributes toward monitoring and interactive communication which includes phone, text, and email. Billable every 30 days.
  • CPT 99458 - Additional 20 Minute Interventions  ($36/month)
    Reimbursement for an additional 20 minutes of clinical staff/physician/other qualified healthcare professional time in a calendar month requiring interactive communication with the patient/caregiver during the month.  Billable Every 30 days. 
  • 99453 - Initial set-up and patient education on use of equipment ($19.46/One Time Fee)
    One Time Reimbursement for initial setup of equipment and education of patient regarding equipment use.  
  • To get a copy of our RPM Billing Explained Document, please enter your email here. (We will email them a copy of the RPM Billing Explained PDF.)
  • To get your exact reimbursement for your geography and pricing for the Claris Continuum solution you prefer, please click here to set up a call with our RPM Reimbursement Experts.

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Not sure if RPM is right for you? Take the 60-second RPM assessment below to schedule a no-strings attached free consulting conversation with our RPM Experts, Jake Levy and Bill Pike. Between them, they have over half a century of healthcare experience (yes, they are old). Jake is a virtual care expert who has spent most of his career helping patients get care delivered to their home. Bill is a healthcare attorney and operations expert with extensive value based care experience. They can help you figure out which RPM solution is best for you.

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Claris Healthcare

Claris Healthcare is the developer behind the Claris software Platform, used by health care providers to manage Acute Care, Chronic Care, and Social Care Patients at home. 

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