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How to market and sell to new patients

Do you have what it takes to be the #1 medical practice in your market? 

Our clients do.
To be the top, it takes the right combination of strategies, tools, experience and expertise. It takes commitment. And it takes the right partner. At Microsite Health, we make our clients #1 in their markets. Do you have what it takes? To find out, schedule a strategy session with a sales and marketing expert today.  
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These doctors have what it takes to be #1

Our clients are consistently the top independent practice in their markets

Top Family Practice in Ann Arbor

When Emmaus Health Partners starting advertising with Microsite Health, they saw their new patient appointments increase by over 200% by the third month.
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Top New OB/GYN Practice in South Atlanta

When Dr. Tamika Sea knew it was time to set out on her own and build her own practice, she chose Microsite Health to help her design her beautiful website, build her new patient panel and connect with her current patients moving with her to her new practice.
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Top Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

When Claris Continuum was looking for a digital marketing partner to roll out their Remote Patient Monitoring software, they chose Microsite Health and we delivered. Now more patients are getting better, more timely care, and that’s a win for everyone.
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The list of markets goes on, but you get the idea.

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Ensuring success

You’re supported by a dedicated Success Team.

Your Microsite Health solution comes with a Digital Marketing Consultant, Online Advertising Experts, and a Success Coach who will execute your smart strategy designed to drive more qualified patients to your website. We take care of the heavy lifting, including content development, building your website, and creating your advertising campaigns. Your Success Coach will provide you with guidance to improve your new-patient conversion, actively monitor your results and conduct your bi-weekly executive conference call.

Your journey to the top of your market starts here.

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