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80% of all dental implant calls start with this question.

“How much does it cost?”
If your team gives the typical answer, you lose the lead. However, the right answer can turbo charge your dental implant business. Would you like to know if your team is giving the right answer?

Learn how your office is handling dental implant opportunities and how it can get better. For free.

Sign up for a Mystery Shopper.

How it works: A mystery shopper will call your office asking about your dental implant services. We’ll analyze and report to you what it’s really like to interact with your team and how they might be costing you implant patients.
  • We'll call this number to give our report.
Dental Marketing Case Study

Who is Microsite Health?

Call training is just one of the tools we use to grow hundreds of dental practices across the U.S.

We help dental practices increase new patients and revenue with an all-in-one digital marketing solution. Most practices that sign up see new patient-numbers grow 50+% within 6-12 months
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Ensuring success

You’re supported by a 
dedicated Success Team.

Your Microsite Health solution comes with a Digital Marketing Consultant, Online Advertising Experts, and a Success Coach who will execute your smart strategy designed to drive more qualified patients to your website. We take care of the heavy lifting, including content development, building your website, and creating your advertising campaigns. Your Success Coach will provide you with guidance to improve your new-patient conversion, actively monitor your results and conduct your bi-weekly executive conference call.
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