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How to market and sell to new patients

Do you have what it takes to be the #1 dental practice in your market? 

Our clients do.
To be the top, it takes the right combination of strategies, tools, experience and expertise. It takes commitment. And it takes the right partner. At Microsite Health, we make our clients #1 in their markets. Do you have what it takes? To find out, schedule a strategy session with a sales and marketing expert today.  
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These doctors have what it takes to be #1

Our clients are consistently the top independent practice in their markets

Top in Chicago for
Full-Arch Implants

Dr. Amarik Singh, “Since I started working with Microsite Health, I've had more full arches per month than I've ever had.” 
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Top in Charlotte for

No independent practice in Charlotte does more dental implants than the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry.
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Top in New York for
Cosmetic Dentistry

When New Yorkers want a Hollywood Smile, they choose the same dentist used by Hollywood stars.
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Top in Nashville for
Full-Arch Implants

Top Doctor in Nashville
Dr. Steven Park went from zero implants two years ago to 15-20 per month today, making him the top doc in Nashville.
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Top in N. Los Angeles
for Full-Arch Implants

Dr. E has been placing 10-25 arches per month since he started with Microsite making him #1 among the jet set.
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Top in Columbus for
Implants and More

Dr. Runion Columbus, OH
Since Dr. Jon Runion turned over his marketing to Microsite Health, he's been #1 in Buckeye Nation. 
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The list of markets goes on, but you get the idea.

To see if your market is available, give us a call:


Ensuring success

You’re supported by a dedicated Success Team.

Your Microsite Health solution comes with a Digital Marketing Consultant, Online Advertising Experts, and a Success Coach who will execute your smart strategy designed to drive more qualified patients to your website. We take care of the heavy lifting, including content development, building your website, and creating your advertising campaigns. Your Success Coach will provide you with guidance to improve your new-patient conversion, actively monitor your results and conduct your bi-weekly executive conference call.

Find out if you have what it takes to be #1 in your market? 

Schedule a strategy session with a sales and marketing expert today. Together, you’ll review your current approach and needs to determine if Microsite Health can help you become top in your market. The session is free and you're guaranteed to walk away with new insights and tactics for growing your practice.
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