Optimize. Prioritize. Predict.

Microsite's revolutionary CRTX software and services, with Advanced AI Prediction Technology, will improve the marketing and selling efficiency of your dental practice, and bring in more new dental patients while lowering your costs.
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CRTX Technology:
Scores every dental lead and identifies the best ones.
Responds automatically with human-like conversations.
Connects to your PMS for real ROI measurement.
Offers full transparency into your dental marketing, spending, and KPIs.

AI-Driven, Sales + 
Marketing Automation

CRTX (pronounced “cortex”) harnesses the prowess of machine learning to automate, customize, prioritize, and predict every step of the new-patient journey. The groundbreaking software handles everything from capturing and nurturing leads to securing commitment with case acceptance. There’s nothing else like it in dental marketing.

Lead Scoring and Prediction

Identify your best leads instantly with CRTX Predictive Technology.
AI-driven lead scoring, powered by over 300 data signals, evaluates and prioritizes every lead to distinguish genuine, high-quality opportunities from lower-quality ones.

It's like having a crystal ball that identifies the leads most likely to show up for an appointment and purchase treatment with unparalleled accuracy.

CRTX technology combines user metadata and multiple databases to score lead quality on a 0-1000 scale, identifying the best leads.
CRTX technology accurately verifies a lead’s name, phone number, and email address to confirm authenticity and use. 
CRTX technology gathers social and messenger data from 50+ sites and apps to generate a lead’s profile data and match contact information.

AI-Driven Text and Emails

Respond immediately to leads.
Follow up on leads instantly – before they can contact anyone else – using AI-driven human-like conversations to send personalized texts and emails triggered by the lead’s actions and interests.   

It's not just a pre-determined sequence of messages. It's immediate attention and nurturing customized to every individual lead.

CRM Only for Dental Offices

One-Stop Solution for Sales and Marketing
Enjoy the simplicity and comprehensiveness of our proprietary CRM software that delivers a one-stop solution for all your sales and marketing efforts. It's never been easier to review detailed KPI reports,  analyze the performance of your digital advertising, and preview the profile of an upcoming consultation. 

Call Recording

Summaries and full transcripts of calls
CRTX provides summaries and full transcripts for inbound calls to more quickly understand what keywords drive appointments, understand which conversations lead to better results, and ultimately turn more leads into patients.
CRTX technology syncs with popular patient management software (PMS) to determine the true ROI of your marketing spend.
CRTX technology integrates all marketing data from third-party sources like Google and Facebook.
You and your team can email and text leads directly from within the CRM, and be alerted to new leads and replies.
Hi there! 👋 Ask me anything about Dental Implants at Regency Square Dental.
Does Dr. Gonzalez offer sedation?
Yes, Dr. Gonzalez does offer sedation dentistry. Sedation options are available for patients who have fear or anxiety during dental treatment. These options include local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, sedation anesthesia, and general anesthesia.
How long is the recovery period after dental implant surgery?

AI Chatbot

More intelligent conversations produce more qualified leads.
With CRTX, you can immediately engage patients with a customized AI chatbot tailored only to your practice and industry – so no extemporaneous answers.

All leads are fed into the CRTX CRM for automated follow-up and nurturing.  

This isn't just a bot; it's a conversationalist that speaks multiple languages and can handle nearly every question like a member of your staff. And it learns and improves dynamically and with your input.

Machine Learning

CRTX gives you superintelligence.
Think of CRTX as your personal Digital Sales Assistant powered by machine learning algorithms. It's your vigilant monitor, constantly analyzing performance data, collecting feedback, and leveraging insights to enhance advertising, messaging, scheduling, and treatment close rates. And best of all, you have full transparency into all your results, data, KPIs, spending, etc. – 24/7.

Sales & Marketing Services

In addition to the CRTX AI engine, our suite of services can supercharge your practice's growth by delivering training from industry experts and results better than you can achieve elsewhere – internally or with another provider.

Best Practices

After closing approximately 1-2 arches/month, we’re now closing 9+ arches monthly due to Microsite’s sales and marketing solution.
Dr. Adam Kimowitz
Working with Microsite for 6+ years, Dr. “E” consistently places 20-arches per month and enjoys a 15X return on his marketing spend.
Dr. Sean Ebrahimian
As an oral surgeon, I used to rely exclusively on referrals, now I’m routinely closing $200K of treatments monthly from non-referral patients, thanks to Microsite Health.
Dr. Paul Anderson

Working with Microsite

Go LIve
Day 01: Onboarding
Create Customer Profile with “White-Glove” Onboarding
After signing your contract, your Senior Account Executive will help you complete your full CRTX practice profile. This provides the data to customize the platform to your dental office, including the information to train the AI and intelligent chatbot on your practice's offerings, terminology, technology, pricing, workflow, benefits, and personnel. This approach ensures the automated services and marketing reflect your unique needs.
Marketing Survey
Within your profile, you'll complete a short marketing survey to capture your target audiences, messaging, and goals. This input creates tailored advertising and landing pages that speak to your patients.
DAYs 02-05: Production
Acquire Assets
Our team will gather any existing assets you have like logos, photos, or videos by scraping your current website. We'll use these to produce high-quality marketing collateral you are proud to share.
Landing Pages Created
Landing pages are created automatically based on the information in your profile. Each page is optimized to engage and convert visitors into leads. 
Plan Digital Advertising 
If Microsite manages your advertising, we'll use data insights, market intelligence, and algorithms to identify the right audience segments in your area and determine the most appropriate ad messages, timing, and media.
DAYs 06-14: Training
CRM Software Training
Before the campaigns are launched, we’ll seek to train you and your staff on using CRTX's CRM features to track, nurture, and convert leads into patients. This creates a coordinated experience from first contact through booking appointments.
Sales Training
If you signed up for sales training, your team receives one-on-one live coaching from top industry trainers, all from the comfort of your office, so your team is not required to travel.
Days 07-14: Go Live
Start Advertising
If Microsite manages your advertising, Programmatic Media Buying begins by buying digital ad inventory through an auction based on everything available across multiple devices in places the audience cares about. Advertisements are personalized automatically from provided assets based on each patient's unique interests and behaviors.
Schedule Appointments
Within the first 2-4 weeks from the start of advertising, you should see increased bookings and showings from prospective patients. It's important your schedule offers availability within a week of first contact. Few new patients are willing to wait 3+ weeks for an initial consultation or appointment.
Nurture Leads
Leads who have not scheduled receive tailored messaging via text and emails that nurture them through the sales funnel until they’re ready to act.
Days 15-30: Results
Present Treatment and Close Cases
Patients will come to your office for consultations, at which time your and your team will conduct exams, present treatment plans, review financial options, and close cases.
Track via Dashboard
Easy-to-understand dashboards provide doctors and their teams with real-time marketing data and new-patient status. The software syncs automatically with the most popular practice management software to provide a complete view of your new-patient success.


For less than the cost of a single FTE, clients have access to a team of the industry’s best, most accomplished talent who have worked in dental offices alongside doctors and do, in fact, “speak Dental.” This team creates and executes your sales and marketing strategy and is available for regular strategy and assessment meetings.

Bill Hanekamp
Founder and CEO
Lauren Powers
Chief Operating Officer
Jake Planck
Head of Sales
Kim Middleton
Head of Client Success
Meet The Team

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Our intelligent CRM platform can transform your Dental sales and marketing. Book a customized demo today to see how our AI and automation capabilities can:

Qualify leads with natural language chatbots.
Centralize marketing and sales data for a 360-degree view of each lead.
Nurture leads with personalized messaging.
Integrate with your existing patient management systems (PMS).
Uncover insights with machine-learning analytics.
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