Let's End Senior Social Isolation

With Claris Companion, your agency can remotely manage all of the tablets you deploy. Designed for seniors by seniors to improve engagement and overall wellness. No technical skills required, simple yet intuitive touch button interface.  
Photo is for demonstration purposes only. Actual tablet is a custom Samsung model shown below.
Not just a Tablet.  A Senior Engagement Platform.
connecting youR Agency 
with your seniors
engage your clients today

Claris has the experience to make sure your Companion Program is a Success!

With nearly a decade of experience in engaging seniors on our platform, Claris’ software has been tested — and not just in beta — but in the real world where it is trusted by patients, their family members and their physicians.
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Platform Statistics:

4.5 million+ tablet interactions
13,000+ caregivers
1.9 million+ alerts
640,000+ messages
45,000+ video calls
Like we said, it’s been tested — in the real world, with real people.

Simply Works
Right Out of the Box

Your Client's Companion is more than just a tablet. It's an integrated hardware-software service with the perfect balance of social and health care features for older seniors without the need to launch apps or enter passwords. It simply works.
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Remote Setup Means Less Worries for Your Clients.

Claris Companion can be set up and controlled remotely by your agency or by a family member assigned by you or your client.  So, your technologically challenged seniors don't have to worry about technology.

About Claris Companion

Oh, the Things They'll Love About Their Companion.

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Designed for Seniors
Simple to set up. Connects automatically. Large on-screen text. Big buttons that are triggered easily.
One-Touch Video Calling
You can directly call your client or your client can place a video call to a family member by selecting from a contact list. One touch to make or answer a call.
Send Messages
Send emails, text, chats that are displayed automatically in full screen without the recipient having to do anything.
Share Family Videos and Photos
Family members or your agency can upload videos and photos simply from anywhere to share with loved ones at any time, which are stored in easy-to-access library.
Schedule Reminders
Remind your clients and members when to take medications or perform other health care-related treatments. Alerts can also be sent to family or care providers if reminders are missed.
Remote Monitoring
Innovative CareDot® technology automatically displays an activity, compliance and wellness score for your members and clients as they interact with the tablet. Sends alerts to you or their loved ones if anything is out of the ordinary and allows you to connect right away.

How It All Simply Works.

Family and Friends Connect with Seniors in Their Lives
The Claris Companion service can be used on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.
Seniors Connect Easily with Family and Friends
Seniors find it's simple to use the Claris Companion tablet to connect and communicate with their social network.
Claris Companion Tablet
The Claris Companion tablet is the hub of the service that is specifically designed for older seniors with no computer experience. It works without the need to launch apps or enter passwords.
Included in the Companion Service:
✯ Custom Tablet and Accessories
✯ Free Software and Mobile Apps
✯ Private, Secure Network
✯ 5-Star U.S.-based Support
* Accessories includes: case & stand, 6-ft charging cable & stylus

See how the Good Samaritan Society uses Claris Companion Tablets to Connect Elderly Seniors with Family

Claris Companion Users Share Their Thoughts
"Success!  The Claris Companion tablet is performing well and our 75+ technologically challenged participants (with no Zoom nor tablet experience) managed to successfully connect with our UCSD team for a meeting yesterday. I would like to sincerely thank you for the great support that you have provided to the ADCS, and to Janice, for her technical expertise and patience in helping us."

Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study (ADCS)
"I just want to say how grateful I am for Claris Companion. I got this for my mother who is in assisted living...I am in tears and cannot express my gratitude...It may seem like a simple thing, but technology from a distance is nowhere near simple, and simple things in this hardship are the straws we are grasping. I sometimes wonder why there aren't more ways to help people like my mother, with current technology. At least there's someone out there who has taken notice of a need and an opportunity to meet that need. Thank you!"

"Thank you so much for the neat way that we were able to connect with my mom during this most difficult time. My mother passed away on Christmas day, and because of your app, we were able to see and talk with her, and she was able to send her love and say her goodbyes."


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We believe seniors should have an elegant way to communicate with their families and manage their own care – even if they’re not comfortable using technology.
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