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Microsite Health Online Closing Academy helps practices equip their people with the needed skills to develop empathy with new-patient opportunities, assess needs, present treatment plans, and much more to achieve a transformational impact on their organization.
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Microsite Health Closing Academy

Give your team the training flexibility with access to 50+ hours of online virtual instructor-led skill development.

Kim Middleton

Kim Middleton

Learn from the #1 Closer at the Top Dental Implant DSO

Kim Middleton is the industry’s recognized leader in closing big cases and spent a long career at ClearChoice where she was the #1 producer for selling full-arch implants. During her final years at the DSO, her close rate routinely exceeded $700,000 per month (month!) for cases $25K and larger. In the industry, Kim is considered by folks to be, quite simply, the best of the best.

Your team will gain unique and invaluable insights into assessing needs, presenting value, and understanding the patients needs and driving wants and vision. They’ll learn, among other principles, that there’s no such thing as a “bad lead” as long as the patient has dental needs.

The Academy will deliver more sales to your practice within weeks, and it will remove some of the time-consuming teaching burdens from the doctors.

Currently Available Courses

More Content and Courses Added Every Month

Our self-guided learning courses are designed to help you create a smoother consultation flow and better communication skills to increase the number of lives you change! The Academy is on-demand and is available to fit your schedule. The program consists of content learning videos and written and digital assignments that need to be completed to practice your new office skills.

Treatment Coordinators

A step-by-step guide to having meaningful conversations with new-patient opportunities that will increase your case acceptance.


  • Introduction
  • Understanding value
  • Consultation room set up
  • Flow of the consultation (5 parts)
  • Understanding the patient (3 parts)
  • Consultation set up (4 parts)
  • Strategies and tactics for same-day closing
  • Strategies and tactics for discussing finances (3 parts)
  • What to do if the patient isn’t financially qualified
  • more...

42 Lessons Plus Assignments

Front-Desk Setter

Lessons to optimize interaction with first-time callers and develop empathy with new-patient opportunities while quickly assessing needs.


  • Introduction
  • The most important words first
  • Understanding value
  • Flow of the phone call (3 parts)
  • Developing empathy
  • more...

12 Lessons Plus Assignments

Monthly Live Webinars

Success Coach Lauren Powers

Each month, you will be invited to a live webinar to meet with our rockstar trainers Kim Middleton, Lauren Powers, and other industry experts, who will answer any pending questions you may have as you complete the course.

You will need to be actively enrolled to attend and participate in the webinar.

For Dental Practices initially

Who Can Take Advantage of Microsite’s Closing Academy?

The Academy offers Microsite Health clients the educational and training sources for all individuals within their organizations who interact with new-patient opportunities in the early stages of treatment assessment and planning.

Whether your team is challenged in general to convert opportunities into patients or you’d like to accelerate the development of high-potential team members, everyone can benefit from the Academy’s curriculum and learning from the industry thought-leaders.

The Academy is included for clients of Microsite Health or may be purchased separately for $1497 per individual who will have access to all courses.  The $1497 seat license is for one single individual and cannot be shared among office staff.  New courses and content are added every month.
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