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3 Tips for starting your social media presence

It’s no surprise that dentistry is rapidly changing and it’s imperative that you not only stay on the cutting edge of the clinical side but you must also stay on the cutting edge of marketing. Potential patients not only want to see that you have hundreds of 5-star Google reviews, but they also want to see that you have a social presence as well. Here are three quick tips to create a social presence that you can almost immediately implement with your current team, start engaging with your audience, attracting followers and potential patients!

1. Find Your Social Media Champion

If you have younger team members working for you, 9 times out of 10 as soon as they’re done working with a client or completing an assigned job task, guess what... THEY’RE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! So why not let them use their talents to your benefit and post on your Instagram account on your behalf! Make it your task this week to find your in-office social media guru, and task him or her with owning your account and posting three times per week!

2. Create Your Social Media Topics and Posting Schedule

It’s easier to think in terms of three. Posting three times a week as opposed to posting EVERY SINGLE DAY is a much easier idea to process, right? Your patients, audience and potential patients don’t want to see you as just this nerd in a lab coat, they want to see personality! Show them a little something in addition to the beautiful smiles! Here’s are some sample posting schedules:

  • Clinical Before/After, Pic of Doc and Happy Patient, Pic of Team goofing off
  • Clinical Before/After, pic of doc and Happy Patient, Dental Meme
  • Clinical Before/After, pic of doc and happy patient, pic of something related to the area or city

Once you’ve picked your topics then start collecting your images and cute phrases that you feel like would engage with your audience! Fun fact, make sure your hashtags are either in the first comment or separated from the text, it helps you show up a lot higher in keyword searches!

3. Use a Social Media App

There are a ton of them out there, the one that we use is called LATER, but you can also try Planoly or Preview, there are PLENTY  of them out there. You should have your posts scheduled two weeks at a time, set it and forget it and watch your following grow! Later is great because of its analytics. You know at Microsite Health we are an ROI and data-driven company, using Later we know exactly what time to post based on the time of day that our followers are online and how to get the most engagement, or how to tailor our posts based on the demographics of our followers as well!

Now that you’ve got your action plan, find your champion, create your plan, download the automated scheduling app and let the good times roll. You’ll be the coolest, smartest marketing dentist in town!

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